The Lighthouse Journey

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As a Baltimore County Lighthouse School, Rodgers Forge Elementary was one of the ten original schools selected in 2014 to begin leading the way in the S.T.A.T. initiative: Students and Teachers Accessing Tomorrow.  In the rollout year students in grades 1-3 began using the HP Revolve as an instructional tool to support learning. This transitioned to all students having equal access to technology.  Today, students in grades K-5 use the device in a learner-centered learning environment. Far from just a 1:1 initiative, S.T.A.T. has transformed how teachers meet the individual needs of our students. In learner-centered environments, teachers are facilitators of learning, while students actively construct meaning and explain their work. Technology provides an opportunity for students to work at their own pace, while accommodating their strengths and weaknesses.  As BCPS continues moving forward with S.T.A.T., Rodgers Forge will support other Baltimore County Public Schools, by opening our doors to teachers, administration, and other stakeholders as a learning lab for innovative learning. 

What it means to be a Lighthouse School

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