Distribution of Student Materials

In order to ensure a successful start to the school year, we recognize that there are materials that students will need in order to engage in virtual instruction.  On Thursday, September 3, 2020 from 9:00-4:00 we will distribute instructional materials. The pick-up schedule will follow the same format as the spring, alphabetical by last name to avoid crowds.

9:00: A-De

10:00: Di-G

11:00: H-K

12:00: L-M

1:00 N-R

2:00: S-T

3:00: V-Z

What will your child receive?

  • Device: Only if new to BCPS or a device was requested and not received in the spring
  • Math: Consumable workbooks and a variety of manipulatives
  • ELA: Skills practice book, pre-decodable/decodable books, novels, and anthology
  • PE: Ball
  • Art: Sketchbook construction paper, modeling clay, oil pastels, yarn (per student)

        Set of pastels, paint brush, watercolors (per family)

Please note: All materials are differentiated by grade and/or ability level

What if I have books or materials to return from last year?

There will be a table set up for parents to drop-off any books from last year.  If the book is specific to the teacher, please label so it gets properly returned.

Please note the following guidelines for picking up and dropping off school materials at RFES.

  • You will only be able to pick up your child’s possessions.
  • In order to protect yourself and our staff, please be sure to wear your face covering.
  • You will have the option to drive to school or walk. If you are driving, remain in your vehicle.  If you walk to school, always stay at least six feet away from others. Do not bring children or friends with you. Leave children at home under the supervision of other family members, if possible. 

The drive-through distribution site will be located in the front bus loop. Our pick-up and distribution will be divided into three stations: Check-in, Device Distribution, and Retrieval of School Materials. There will be staff and signage to help guide you through this process. You will enter the bus loop from the WRONG direction (near the Do Not Enter sign).  This traffic pattern will allow the last station to be closest to the cafeteria where student materials are sorted alphabetically.

STATION #1 – Check-In (Bottom of the bus loop, close to the Do Not Enter Sign)

  • If you are walking, check in with the staff member at the first orange cone who will check-off your student’s name. If you are driving, print the last name of your student(s) in dark ink on a large piece of paper and place it on the dashboard. This visual will allow the staff member to check you in. *If you need to pick-up a device, you will need to check in prior to parking your car in the staff lot.

    STATION #2 – Device Distribution (Near the staff entrance to the building)

  • The RFES Technology Liaison will scan and distribute the device.

    STATION #3 – Retrieval of School Materials (Near the cafeteria door)

  • If driving, staff will place a bag with your child/family’s instructional materials on a table or will place them in your trunk/back seat.
  • Walking families will retrieve items from outside tables.
  • A table will be set up in this location for families to drop off any items being returned to the school/teacher.

We appreciate you adhering to the pick-up schedule, but if you need to adjust your time or schedule a make-up time on Friday, please contact the front office. Thank you for your patience and cooperation with this process.