Green School Initiative

RFES is a recertified GREEN SCHOOL!

RFES is Keeping It Green!

We are continuing with the Clean Green 15 through Baltimore County.  Last year we won $500.  We hope our efforts will pay off again this year as we continue our work to keep our schoolyard and community clean and green.

We plan to have speakers from BGE, Blue Water Baltimore, Irvine Nature Center, and Baltimore County to help expand our learning, as well as help us connect to possible career opportunities in Green related fields.  We are also planning a field trip to explore nature together.

We are excited to start up our Green School Council!  It is so encouraging to have so many students who want to learn and do more to help our earth!  We will collect ideas from members about upcoming projects.

Community is an important part of our Green School.  We are hoping to have involved community members share their expertise with our group to encourage and teach us more about sustainability and healthy choices for the earth.  If you have any expertise you would like to share, please email me at [email protected] and I will reach out to see how we can work together. 

During the pandemic, some activities were put on hold.  I’m happy to share that we have reinstated the “Share Table” at lunch.  If your child purchases a school lunch and has unopened food they don’t eat, they can bring it to the share table.  Students are invited to come to the share table to choose something if they are still hungry at lunch.  This is helping reduce waste and helping provide a little extra for students.

As the fall weather is moving in, here is an idea for you to try with your family to help provide birds with some extra seeds
Bird Feeder

With Halloween and fall harvest approaching this month, here is another green idea for that leftover Halloween pumpkin.
Green Halloween Idea

Thanks for helping RFES Keep it Green!

If you get the chance to collect trash around the neighborhood, don’t forget to record your collection for our efforts towards the Baltimore County Clean Green15 Initiative.

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