Volunteer Training

Interested in Volunteering at RFES?

Here's How!

All volunteers must complete the volunteer application and
complete an online training orientation.  
The training is required to be repeated every school year (beginning July 1).

Step 1:  Vist the  BCPS Volunteer page and f
ollow the instructions using the embedded links.  Complete the Application for Volunteer Services and save a copy. 

Step 2:
   When you have successfully completed the training, you will receive a certificate of completion.  Save a copy of this document also.

Step 3:  Submit the application and the valid training certificate to the every school in which you intend to volunteer. Electronic copies of both are preferred though hard copies are acceptable. Both documents must be submitted at the same time to be accepted and reviewed by the school staff.   At RFES, please send these documents to Ms. Wilson at [email protected].