Special Areas

 Welcome to Special Areas

boy riding a bike with a basket

Our Special Areas Team includes Physical Education, Vocal Music, Art, Library, and Instrumental Music (for 4th/5th only). Students visit one of these classes daily for 50 minutes of instruction which enhance and extend the classroom curriculum through the various arts. During a special area lesson, students are exposed to and demonstrate real life examples of math and reading. The Special Area Teams also enriches the R.F.E.S. community by sponsoring events for the students and their families. These events include music concerts, a book fair, Jump Rope for Heart, and various art shows in the community.

Bev Celenza, Physical Education ([email protected])
Annemarie Dickerson, Instrumental Music ([email protected])

Pete Holden, Library Media Specialist ([email protected])
 Karen Kotapish, Art ([email protected])
Lisa Tierney, Music ([email protected])